• Air Guard Antibacterial Vaporizer

    Air Guard is a device that quickly and safely sanitises areas with a dry mist that kills microbes and forms a residual antimicrobial coating. Its active ingredient, thyme oil, is registered with the US FDA and regarded as a COVID-19 virucide

  • Disinfection

    We offer and utilise 100% natural- plant-based cleaners with fast contact-killing abilities on microbes. Our revolutionary technology provides safe and excellent disinfectant cleaning services which can kill over 99.999% antibacterial results in just 60 seconds. Plus it is stable against light and temperature changes.

  • Residual Protection

    We offer a superior and eco-friendly solution to combat the spread of germs and viruses on the surface. Our anti-microbial services are unlike traditional disinfection methods that have short- lived effects. We provide 7/24 continuous disinfection using PrimeShield residual antimicrobial coating, our solutions ensure a safe and healthy environment for all.

  • Carpet Cleaning

    Our Dry Foam Cleaning method uses minimal water and prevents mold growth between the carpet and padding. This method also leaves less emulsified soil water residue on your carpets, resulting in a shorter drying time.

  • VOC Removal Photocatalyst

    nanoYo super photocatalyst is a colourless and odourless liquid that has a long-term bacteria decomposing effect and can purify VOCs, tobacco odour, formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, urine, and faecal odour, etc.

  • Floor Waxing/ Vinyl Flooring

    Vinyl floor maintenance systems maintain a high level of appearance of floor finish and keep vinyl floor at a low maintenance cost. It is water-resistant, resists stains, and requires less maintenance.

  • Marble Restoration

    Our services include stone renewal, polishing, crystallization, impregnation, color enhancement, stain removal treatment, anti-slip treatment, refilling, and re-grouting. Regular maintenance is crucial to preserve the shine and surface of the stone, which is affected by foot traffic and various chemical and mechanical processes.

  • Mold Control

    Prime-Label uses a natural plant-based mold killer followed by a mold clearing treatment with oxidising detergent to kill mold, mold spores, and mycotoxins. A durable anti-mold coating is then applied to protect the substrate for 6-24 months.

  • Green Pest Control

    We use green insecticide made from plant extracts and also we emphasizes the importance of keeping pests away by addressing structural problems and improving hygiene conditions before resorting to insecticide. Our programs follow green pest management guidelines that prioritise administration control to minimise environmental impact.

  • Anti Allergen

    To address these sources of allergies, we use natural plant and mineral-based anti-allergen neutralizers or green pesticides to denature or eliminate allergens. Additionally, we apply Japan photo catalyst and high-quality air purifiers to remove allergens mechanically.

  • Anti-Slip Floor Coating

    Our services include testing and professional installation of anti-slip floor coatings and non-slip tile treatments. Our solutions offer high slip resistance, good water and stain resistance, chemical resistance, durability, environmental safety, and more.

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