Social responsibilities

We’ve screened the safe ingredients for you and your family

Do you know the people who used bleach and other common disinfectants once per week had a 32% higher risk of developing COPD. At Prime-Living, we understand that without a habit of checking product labels, it can be challenging to know what's in the products you use every day to care for your family. That's why we work hard to screen our ingredients to ensure they're safe for you and your loved ones. With many years of experience and knowledge in the cleaning industry, we can help you select safer alternatives. Our products are paraben-free, phosphate-free, free of chlorine bleach, formaldehyde, heavy metals, petrochemicals, carcinogens, and triclosan. You can trust us to be a guardian of your family, and with us, you can stop worrying about mistakenly using harmful chemicals at home.

We’re dedicated to the conservation of the environment

Do you know that 80% of water pollution is caused by domestic sewage? At Prime-Living, we're dedicated to the conservation of the environment. When millions of people use chemical detergents for cleaning at the same time, a large number of chemicals flow down our drains, into the sewer system, and eventually into our rivers, lakes, and oceans, causing significant harm. That's why we believe in cutting them down and removing them from our clean habits. Our green detergents are scientifically formulated with biodegradable proprietary surfactants that break down quickly in wastewater treatment facilities. Some of them are 100% natural or all-natural and certified by independent institutions. With us, you can reduce your environmental impact and create a better living place.


We’re taking action for the sustainable development goals

At Prime-Living, we're taking action for sustainable development goals. We understand that it's not always possible to be entirely sustainable within the current limits of business sustainability. However, we're working hard to minimize our impact and want to be transparent about where we are on this journey. We encourage our customers to give back by participating in our Used Bottle Retrieve program, where we grant those used bottles a second life.

We committed to the society

Actions speak louder than words. We make charitable donations and participate in initiatives that contribute to conserving and improving the environment. We have donated to different organizations including :

2014 - “A Drop of Life” ,

2016 - “Save the Children”,

2017 - “A Drop of Life”,

2018 - “Pei Ho (Ming Gor) Charity Foundation”,

2019 - “Chinese YMCA of Jockey Club”,

2021 - “Hong Kong Society for the Blind”,

2021 - “Dialogue In The Dark (HK) Founcation”

2020 - “Hong Chi Jockey Association”

2023 - Donated 60 pieces of new down jackets to "Turkey earthquake victims."

For any donation requests or sponsorships about environmental protection, please feel free to give us information via the page "contact us".