Plant Care Collection


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Prime-Living® 「植物護理系列」不但對環境無害,可激發植物生長,亦可以加強保護,擺脫發霉,變黃及生蟲等問題。 助您悉心栽培植物,令植物健康茁壯成長。

Prime-Living® "Plant Care Collection" not only has no harm to the environment but also stimulates plant growth while strengthening protection against mold, yellowing, and pests. It helps you cultivate plants with care and supports their healthy growth.

蜜蜂扮演授粉者的重要角色,是地球生態的平衡守護者, 令植物得以繼續繁衍。




急毒性為當場造成蜜蜂死亡。而慢性毒害則可分為對蜜蜂生殖、生理或行為等層面的影響,包含影響蜂后的發育、降低蜜蜂的免疫力、 損害其學習能力或飛行能力下降等。

Bees play a crucial role as pollinators and guardians of the ecological balance on Earth, enabling plants to continue to reproduce.


The use of pesticides has acute or chronic toxic effects on bees.


Acute toxicity can cause immediate death, and chronic toxicity can affect bees' reproductive, physiological, or behavioral aspects. This includes damaging the development of queen bees, reducing bee immunity, impairing their learning ability, or reducing their ability to fly.


The "Plant Care Collection" ingredients are all-natural and harmless to little bees.


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