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Plant Care - GarlicShield Natural Plant Repellent

Plant Care - GarlicShield Natural Plant Repellent

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GarlicShield is a US natural garlic spray that keeps insects away, mainly from plants. After applying GarlicShield on foliage, it coats the leaves' surface, fruit corps, and systemic within the plant from leaves to roots with natural sulfur contained in garlic juice. The considerable amounts of natural sulfurs repel harmful pests and other underground bugs from their feeding areas for up to 2 weeks after each application.


  • Avoid contact with the eye.
  • Not for internal consumption.


  • Best spray at sundown when no bees are out. (It may affect pollination when applied in the daytime.)
  • Do not spray on a rainy day.


      • Totally green against pest
      • Gentle on beneficial insect
      • Safe for plants, humans & pets
      • Made in U.S.A.

      How to use

      Spray it evenly on the leaves when needed.


      Pure garlic extract, Food grade preservatives

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