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Checkered Microfiber Towel (16" x 16" )

Checkered Microfiber Towel (16" x 16" )

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Prime-Living microfibers - unlike traditional cotton towels that can simply move dirt around, these innovative fibers have a microscopic structure that captures and holds onto dirt and bacteria. This means that when you use microfibers, you can rest easy knowing that unwanted particles are being thoroughly removed, rather than just being relocated. This cleaning process is not only more effective, but it's also more hygienic, leaving your space sparkling clean!


  • Strong cleaning ability
  • Less/ No chemicals required
  • Non-scratching. Streak-free & lint-free
  • Extreme water absorption and very durable
  • Enhance productivity and easy washing
  • Made in China


It can be used on camera, computer, television, window, eating utensils, mirror, furniture, car and glasses

How to use

  1. Wipe the dirt or dust.
  2. Clean it with warm water.


Polyester fiber, nylon fiber

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