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MintShield Natural Residual Surface Freshener

MintShield Natural Residual Surface Freshener

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MintShield is a residual mint scent spray for hard surfaces and fabric. This unique blend of essential oils synergistically contributes to its refreshing, relaxing and repelling properties. The eggshell powder inside helps to create a stable and low-intensity aromatic barrier for 2-4 weeks.


  • Glucose 6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency (G6PD) is not suitable to use in this product.
  • The color of natural and organic products will be different because each harvest is different. But it doesn’t affect its effect.


  • Very strong scent initially
  • Safe to usearoundhuman & pet
  • Suitable for Indoor &OutdoorApplication
  • Made in USA


It can be used on wardrobe, cabinet, drawer, curtain, door, drain, car, plant and more.

How to use

Shake well and spray on target surface.

-- Re-apply from daily to monthly basis or as needed. --


Peppermint oil, lemongrass oil, garlic oil, neem oil, clove leaf oil, white pepper, eggshell powder, onion powder, vinegar, vegetable oil and plant based emulsifier.

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