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OxyFade Acidic Stain Remover

OxyFade Acidic Stain Remover

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OxyFade is an eco-friendly and versatile acidic oxidizing stain remover. It is mainly made from plant-based cleaner, organic acid and hydrogen peroxide. The synergize formula is good against mold, coffee, wine, blood, rust, watermark and most mineral dirt.


  • The color of natural and organic products will be different because each harvest is different. But it doesn’t affect its effect.
  • Wear gloves is recommended.
  • Do not use on marble.


  • Light color bleaching
  • Mineral dirt cleaning
  • Deodorizing
  • Made in Australia


It can remove specific mineral stains like rust from ceramics, tiles, crevices, and bathroom glass, as well as common stains like coffee, tea, wine and blood.

How to use

Handling normal and mineral stains:

  1. Spray and wet the stain.
  2. Wait a few minutes.
  3. Wipe it with a dry towel.
  4. Wash off with water.

Handling stubborn stains and bleaching:

  1. Keep reacting for 3-6 hours.
  2. Wash off with water.

--Repeat as needed--


Plant-based surfactants, hydrogen peroxide, organic acids and essential oils (cinnamon bark, lemon myrtle & eucalyptus)

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