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Pure Ag+ Silver Ion Water

Pure Ag+ Silver Ion Water

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Pure Ag+ effectively kills bacteria and resists them to grow for a short period. It can be widely used in our daily life as hand sanitizer, fruit & vegetable sanitizer, mouthwash, light wound sanitizer, and basic non-chemical cleaning. The chip can be used repeatedly at least 100 times by simply refilling the bottle with clean drinkable water.


  • The color of natural and organic products will be different because each harvest is different. But it doesn’t affect its effect.


  • Disinfect & deodorize
  • Colourless & odorless
  • Chemical free
  • Safe and does not cause skin allergies
  • Save storage &save money
  • Made in Japan


It can be used in kitchens, toilets, garbage bins, refrigerators, helmets, suits, shoes, and the interior of cars to effectively eliminate tobacco odor and bad smells.

How to use

  1. Simply spray Pure Ag+ in the air to eliminate foul smells in the entire space.


Silver, titanium dioxide, ceramic

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