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SoftRub Natural Cream Cleanser

SoftRub Natural Cream Cleanser

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SoftRub is a naturally derived high-performance ready-to-use hard surface cream cleanser. It blend with coconut oil and citrus surfactant with advanced micro scrubbing particles. It is able to clean and shine stainless steel, ceramic, enamel, glass and many laminated hard surfaces.


  • Do not eat or use on skin.
  • Always test on inconspicuous area first.


  • Powerful but gentle
  • Non-scratching
  • Easy to rinse without residue


It can be used on metal, pot, pan, stove, oven, bath, sink, shower glass, tile, chrome and some stones.

How to use

  1. Put SoftRub on a cloth, sponge or scourer, wet as needed.
  2. Agitate the surface for around 10 cycles.
  3. Rinse with water.

-- Repeat the process as needed. --


Calcium carbonate, orange oil, coconut oil, organic acid, sodium salt.

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