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ToxiCide Odor & Pollutant Laundry Neutralizer

ToxiCide Odor & Pollutant Laundry Neutralizer

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ToxiCide is a mineral-based natural laundry additive designed to treat odors and contaminants on fabric. During laundry, proprietary natural earth minerals "capture" and "deform" chemical pollutants, breaking them down to an inert state and bringing your clothes to a trigger-free and odor-free condition.


    • Neutralizes contaminants from fabric
    • Strong odor destruction
    • Broad pollutant deactivation
    • Good for chemical sensitivity person
    • Compatible with scentless laundry detergent
    • Made in U.S.A.


    Works on tough odors: fire smoke, tobacco, body odor, sweat, mildew & mold, perfumes, urine, dairy products, cooking, food, animals, pesticide, cleaning agents, gasoline, and more.

    Works on various contaminants (based on its mechanism & internal tests): Acids, alcohols, aldehydes (formaldehyde & acetaldehyde), amines (ammonia), caustics, ketones, nitrogen compounds, phosphorous compounds, sulfur compounds, oxidizers (chlorine), organic compounds (chlorobenzene) and more.

    How to use

    Machine Washing:

    1. Shake vigorously.
    2. Add 100ml (standard load) with your regular (unscented preferable) laundry detergent. (Use 200ml for entrenched smell and pollutants.)

    Hand Washing:

    1. Shake vigorously.
    2. Add 2 capfuls (about 16ml) per each clothes. (Use warm water for better)
    3. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes with occasional stirring.
    4. Rinse off and dry.


    Proprietary metal oxides, Titanium Dioxide

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